Tomas Larrain

This Chilean has been in and around vineyards since before he could walk. Both of his grand parents dedicated their lives and efforts to produce high quality wines in a country where the focus was more oriented toward volume. Emulating his ancestors, Tomas has joined his friends in their passion and enthusiasm in the pursuit of a single objective: Produce the best Malbec out of Mendoza.

The support and advice of his father, a visionary of the Chilean viticulture, combined with the strength and values of his mother, has made Tomas a passionate promotor of Chilean wine in his country and abroad. Work established him for a while in Mendoza where he rapidly fell in love with the high elevation viticulture and with Malbec, for which it considers Mendoza to be its best “terroir”.

Now back in Chile, together to his wife and children, is thrilled about being part of this adventurous endeavor of searching for excellence in our top class Malbec.