Mario Toso

He is a 4th generation Toso born and raised in a winery. His father was a restless and respectable Agronomist. Still, young Mario preferred to study Electronics and not Viticulture. As you may imagine, this young rebellion only lasted a couple of years. What followed next is well known history in Argentina: Mario became a strong and passionate viticulturist due more to his talent than to his respected pedigree.

Mario’s track record is not typical and in its eccentricity lays the strength of his experience. He was fortunate to be in charge of many foreign investments with which he started vineyards all across Argentina, including some epic plantations in the remote province of La Pampa (which later proved to be a success). He was not alone as he was fortunate to work side by side with some of the most famous winemakers in the world including Michel Rolland, Paul Hobbs, Aurelio Montes and Alvaro Espinosa. All of them, rather than colleagues, are today good friends. Possibly Mario’s proudest accomplishment, was to run his family winery as GM after this was sold to an investment group. Talent and experience prevailed over ownership.

Luckily his kids did not inherit Mario’s young revelry. Today, his son Mario is finishing his Viticulture degree and will be a 5th generation Toso in the Argentine wine scene.


In the 19th century, Pascual Toso was a renowned viticulturist from Canale D’Alba in the heart of the Piedmont, the famed Italian appellation for Barolos and Barbarescos.

Blinded by his adventurous spirit, in 1880 he travelled to Mendoza (Argentina) where he immediately saw a promising future for viticulture. Soon after his arrival, he opened the first of the two wineries he would have in Mendoza. Early in the 1900’s, he acquired land in Barrancas region where he would consolidate its operation and from where he would build a reputation as one of Mendoza’s most prominent viticulturist. Today his family reputation for great wines remains untouched.

Don Pascual Toso is now the patriarch figure of a 5th generation family committed to the job of making premium wines in Mendoza.