Alfonso Undurraga

It was at the end of the 19th century when Don Francisco Undurraga decided to leave his native Basque Country in Spain to start a new life in Chile. He had a dream of making wine in this remote country. As with many other adventurous souls his accomplishments went beyond his dreams. Don Francisco built one of the country’s biggest and most respectable wineries: Viña Undurraga.

Convinced about the potential of the Chilean soil, more precisely the Maipo Valley, in 1885 Don Francisco planted many unknown European varieties at that time such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Riesling. Not many years afterwards, his wines were constantly recognized all around the world, achieving prizes since 1903 when they won the 1903 Grand trophy in the Seville Show in Spain.
After being owned by the Undurraga family for more than 100 years, Viña Undurraga was recently sold to an investment group but this has not changed the family ambition of producing top Chilean wines. They have just started a new story called Viña Koyle, which will surely live for another 100 years.


Inheriting the passion of his predecessors, Alfonso became a relentless traveller in the pursuit of making the best family wines available on 5 continents and Viña Undurraga is now established in 60 countries around the world. After acquiring a vast expertise in the wine markets across the globe, Alfonso became Viña Undurraga’s Sales Director, being responsible for a 1.5 Million cases business.

When in 2006 the Undurraga family sold their winery, Alfonso helped to start from scratch boutique terroir oriented wineries such as Koyle and Matetic in Chile and Larrain, Lasmartres, Toso & Undurraga in Argentina.

Alfonso now lives in Napa with his wife Soledad and his children Alfonso Jr, Leon, Sara and Joaquin.